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Oak leaf audio Danner R2R DAC-1PRO discrete resistor full balance decoder DAC

Package express, send massive lossless resources. LADDER architecture, R2R discrete resistor, using the FIFO clock regeneration technology, split power design, support DSD 24/384, coaxial, optical fiber are supported DSD.

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Package express, send massive lossless resources. LADDER architecture, R2R discrete resistor, using the FIFO clock regeneration technology, split power design, support DSD 24/384, coaxial, optical fiber are supported DSD.

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Host internal structure
Internal structure of split power supply
Product introduction:
Danner Furuipusi launched a modified version of DAC-1PRO upgrade new flagship decoder, he no longer use the original PCM1704DAC chip, instead of using the original design which we discrete resistance R2R DAC module to break through the DAC chip, which reached a new height, a new version of DAC whether it is sound or the price, than the PCM1704 version is less, is the performance of the parties here is a big breakthrough, the texture of sound, sound density, Naiting degree have been improved, weak signal performance is greatly enhanced, the sense of crisp, smooth, no traditional decoder produced stiff digital sound, can be said to be a very successful design, the effect is absolutely the best replay the sound of the best sound, which is the same price in full, to the decoder to highlight.
DAC core conversion module is based on the 0.01% high precision 10PPM low temperature drift of the discrete resistance to build the decoding module, all the resistors are strictly screened and paired. In the specific design, each channel with more than 500 pieces machine adopts the up to 1000 precision resistors to achieve extremely low distortion of the DAC conversion and fully balanced design, can be said to be the world precision resistor most DAC is discrete resistance R2R decoder even more than 4 times. In clock processing, we used the first in first out (FIFO) technology in the field of communication to make the internal clock of the decoder almost not affected by the external input signal clock.
Product features:
The 1 part: the clock uses two CRYSTEK low phase noise oscillator with FIFO have a fever, the clock regeneration circuit.
2: built in 4 self-developed DAC 25bit conversion module, Ladder R2R design architecture, the real balance of work design.
3: using the new design and development of the 32bit digital filter, to 16 x over sampling mode, each level of filtering with 32-bit input resolution. Can greatly increase the dynamic contrast, analysis and more natural delicate tone and so on.
4: the use of split power supply design, low noise voltage regulator circuit
Discrete DAC-1PRO R2R version of the overall performance of the more transparent and mellow, full frequency transparency, high and low frequency extension, naturalness, intonation, texture, sound field 3D space sense, have relatively large lifting force and dynamic contrast control, simulation flavour is dye in the wood, the sound field is more ambitious.
An endless supply of energy, high frequency bright and meticulous, muted details could be heard clearly, low frequency, control force is stronger, more strong, strong texture, energy of first-class lingering rich. A replay of some of the classic fever recording, class class, a sense of air. A replay of various types of tape, DAC-1PRO can give people a more natural, easy listening, everything is more expensive but more write and draw freely as one wishes, pure tone, more delicate, more beautiful, more liquid, more natural, no smell of the little hair dry feeling, whether replay voice and string the beauty of the same recording, is extremely delicate and touching, intonation class, piano sound of dropping pearls, the violin sound is very clear and detailed, and the change of bow speed vibrato who inadvertently produced sound vibrato, although very weak, but still subtly, the sound field of high density, sense of coherence is more ideal. And the accompaniment texture is more meticulous and clear, full and bright, high sound pressure Symphony replay, musical instruments and sound positioning is more distinct the frequency balance accuracy, appeal of the music and get more cohesion Great breakthrough.
Is the so-called radical reform, the sound system in the digital music era decoder is the most important source, its role is like water, if the source of the water is dirty, behind how to purify the remedy certainly difficult, again good, pure water is not natural mineral springs and compared. So it is very necessary to choose a good decoder, DAC-1PRO is a need for you to have a decoder.
The machine has a sound digital audio input interface, the support of the top Ultra HD audio decoding playback output, located in the top decoder market.
The digital input has two groups of Toslink optical fiber, two groups of AES/EBU balance, two groups of Coaxial coaxial. The other has a set of I2S digital interface input, DAC-1PRO decoder can configure the external asynchronous USB interface or digital turntable through the I2S configuration.
DAC-1PRO decoder can support 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 32 and 384kHz of audio and 2.822, 3.072, 5.644 and DSD 6.144MHZ decoding
Input interface: a group of I2S, two sets of coaxial COAX, two groups of optical fiber OPTICAL, two groups of AES
Output interface: a set of RCA and a set of balanced XLR
Technical index:
Frequency response: 20-20KHz -0.2dB
Distortion degree: 0.001% (measured, the actual performance is higher than the measured index)
Signal to noise ratio: -115dB
Dynamic range: >122dB
The left and right channel crosstalk: -110dB
Power consumption: <20W
Balanced XLR output level: 4.4V
Unbalanced RCA output level: 2.2V
I2S input
PCM format support: 16-32bit 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384Khz
DSD format: DSD64 DSD128, NATIVE, DSD256
Coaxial, optical fiber input
PCM format: 16-24Bit 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384Khz
DSD format: DSD64
Machine size:
320*310*46mm (decoder, no machine pin, pin height 25mm)
320*310*46mm (power, not including machine feet, foot height 25mm)
Machine weight: 13kg (outside of the actual shipping weight)